Friday, June 27, 2008

Benji Wreck Shizzle

The Golf cart and the aftermath


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Photos of the House

Well we are done with the house. It was a long 10 months and we are glad that it is over.

Sorry so long on the photo's of the place but here they are.

The new look from the street.

Looking in from the french doors.

The new office

Hailey at the island, Bella waiting for food.

From the kitchen to the french doors.

The Front porch.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Whooped Peter's Ass

Well it has been a while with little to report other than The House was completed (photos coming)as well as the anual Riviera Triathlon. I scored ninth overall with a strong swim, weak bike and a miserable run. At least I beat that pansy Peterman!!!

Had fish taco's at the new digs with the family and friends later that night. It was the first Cooked meal in the house. good times had by all due to margaritas and pacifico's.

Were looking forward to some good company this summer and are excited about having you all come out. Make sure and give us a ring when you get a chance and give 2 weeks notice...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You can't blame the French for being French...

Well Dean asked for my comments on the final game so I must comply. The Italians won their glory, but it was tainted and marred by poor sports on both sides of the game.

Zidane, was by any respect the ideal playmaker in soccer. While he never was the goal leader in any competition, his name was all over the overall success of any team he was on. Clearly he was the catalyst of the wins over Brazil in both 98 and 2006. He was and still is my favorite player of all time. I still try to mimmick his orchestrating and protect the possesion mentality in my own play. He was an absolute genious this time around beating Brazil completely on his own. He simply out-Brazilled the Brazilians. This was not the first time he has let his team down with hot-headedness, but the fact that the incident was away from the play of the game, did not occur b/c of physical attack, and was the friggin last game of his career when he was leading his team at any second into their second goal to beat the Italians and complete an amazing career at the absolute highest honor in the game was a shame. When I saw the replay I knew he would be thrown out and that France would lose. I was disappointed b/c I wanted this great to finish at least with honor in defeat, instead he walked off the pitch for the last time with his head down to the Billion people watching him in awe of what had occurred. It was sad for everybody, b/c we all wanted to cheer him farewell even if in defeat.

As for the game itself, The Italians played a miserable game with the exception of Cannavaro who was brilliant in defense. If there was a defesive play made on the ball, he was forcing the play by positioning or doing the work himself. The Italian goal could have gone all the other way. Materazi was all over Patrick Vierra, the replay showed him clearly holding him down on the header, but was still a fantastic goal. However, the Italians did not make another serious play on goal besides that. The French defense proved to be the best in the tournament with the exception of Barthez the keeper. This guy was lucky that 30 shots weren't scored on him with his silly play. I think that if the Italians that played Germany had showed up, the game could have ended up very different.

As for the other side of the incident, it shows the absolute lack of class by the Italian Defender. I have never been a fan of trash talk in serious sports. I can understand in silly games like fussball, ping pong and card games, but to make stupid comments like the ones Materazi made to stirr the temper of Zidane was just lame. The incident ruined the game, and showed the true colors of both sides. The Italians will lie, cheat and provoke just to win and the French will throw temper tantrums in order to lose. It was sad and a horrible way to finish a great tournament. I was glad that the ref thru him out, I am glad the Italians won b/c of it. At the very least it showed that the ref was fair and that he did a good job. It also showed that even the best players will get thrown out if they do stupid things.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

world cup update

Well I just got to witness world cup upset#2 which threw the USA a lifeline when the Czech's were defeated by the Ghanians 2-0 in group E play. This goes to show that there is still a chance for the US to make it thru to the 16 round as long as they rebound from a miserable start.

I have a few thoughts on the first US match that might go beyond the obvious. The obvious ones were that our lightning quick wingers, Convey and Beasley just weren't at the game when the whistle blew to start. These guys normally play very quick and consistent, it was just not their day. Keller decided that he was finally going to let a couple of shots thru and the Choice of Pope over Bocanegra finally showed it's silliness. I was never OK with starting the aged Pope over a proven European defender in a league of great defenders. Gooch did't play his best, but his proven strength removed the Man Giant Koller by the end of the game and weakened the incredible Czech side. This showed today with Ghana. The not so obvious was that as much as I love Brian McBride, he is too slow now at 36 to play the US style. He either needs to pull deep and play his absolute best, or needs to be replaced with the quicker Johnson who showed his drive to take the team on to the 16 when he came on in the second half. The other is Dempsey. This kid knows how to create and is in the right place at the right time. He needs to take Mastroeni's place in the squad pushing Renya back to a more holding role. He and Donovan have more energy to make the quick one touch passes with quick runs off the ball. They are simply more creative than Mastroeni.

Here would be my lineup for todays match If I were Bruce Arena.

Oguchi Oneyewu

Mids :

Forwards :
Donovan playing in back of Johnson.

I would give Beasley about 30 minutes to turn himself into Argen Robben or else sit the bench.

Well I just heard the lineup and I think he has a big mistake being pope in the back, just too old and slow.

Well see in a few minutes...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Loving Your Enemies

Well Kids The big tournament is upon us and I just wanted to remind you all to watch some of the games. Of course All of the US games need to be supported. Czech on the 12th, Italy on the 17th, and Ghana on the 22nd. The US is fielding a strong team, but unfortunately got grouped in the nortorious "group of death." They will have a difficult time making it out of the group stages regardless of their bogus FIFA ranking. This lousy group pick is the result of some ass placing Mexico as a group leader despite our whupping them in qualifiers. It is a blatant swipe at our team and is typical of what FIFA does to stir the pot.

Well if there is any other game to watch it will be the IRAN vrs MEXICO match. I will be cheering for our enemies the Iranians b/c I honestly think that the mexicans are a bigger problem than the Iranians. Much of this is due to me hating the Mexican hack team and their dirtbag fans (remember their chants of "Osama, Osama" in the qualifying stages for the 2002 Cup.) I will be rooting for them and I hope that Adbinimijabjab or whatever his name is, shows up despite his antisemitism and helps his team kick the mexicans out of the tourney. Here he is show left attempting to knock one thru the open goal. While I feel silly routing for anyone who hates Israel, I can't help myself as my hatred for the hated mexican team overrides any sanity regarding who my real enemy is. Even though Iran Shamed us in 98, there is only one option when Mexico is concerned, cheer for the Persians.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Summer is coming!!!

Summer will soon be here in Cali, well at least the first summer. Here in San Clemente we have 2 summers, Pre-June Gloom and Post Gloom The seasons are about April 15-May15 and July 20-October 1. What lies between is a constant fog bank that sits from the beach to the I-5 freeway, about a1/2 mile span.

This summer though things will be a little different. Gone is the constant company that usually comes for a visit. Gone will be the restful weekend mornings with coffee and chit chat. This summer will be the Prather’s Chaos. Piper, our soon to be 3rd child will be ripe and ready for oven removal, our house will be a torn up wreck, we are going to remodel the kitchen and living room. This means that our normal routine will be gone due to a scorched earth policy at 202 avenida de la Riviera.

While I know it will be difficult, I am excited to have the remodel done. It is going to change the look of the place and will suit our needs as entertainers of many friends. As always there is an open invite to anyone who needs some beach time and good company, well except this summer.

Another summer fun for me is the summer beach reading. I have not picked any books out yet, I do have some books about ole General Custer, the Republican Primary during Lincolns run for the Whitehouse, and a few books on spiritual growth, but I don’t have the either thrilling entertainment or blow your mind page turner. If you guys have any ideas for me about good reads, throw them out, I need ideas.

Lastly I love to sit in my reclining beach chair in the sun listening to some good music. I recently purchased Several Arrows Later via Itunes a record by Matt Pond PA. This guy is great. If you get a chance look him up and check his crap out. I will be shakin my head to him as I watch the beachbreak waves down at Rivi beach in San C.
We’ll keep you posted on the completion of the project. Hopefully we will have the late summer to enjoy the new digs, have some BBQ and enjoy the September Sun here on San Clemente’s Riviera.